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iLinux sucks. It's not a real distro. The website is simply weird. It feels like, it's better than Windows (and it isn't). The licenses are simply bad, and there are lots of proprietary software and bloat. Look at elementary OS. They only come with the bare minimum needed. Look at Ubuntu. They have office suite, a good browser, and essential apps. iLinux takes it one step ahead and includes lots of bloat. Even Linux Mint bundles less apps than iLinux! And, what kind of name is iLinux? Apple making a Linux distro? You should've gone with a better name.

Just saying, the distro would succeed if you didn't make it look like a kids' tablet. I'd rather use the terminal rather than a bloated proprietary OS.

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Have you even tested iLinux before you decided that "it sucks"?

iLinux is a real distro. When you use it you will realize that but please elaborate, why isn't it a real distro?

How a website feels is totally subjective.

Have you made a comparative hands on review between iLinux and Windows? If yes, we would like to read about it.

iLinux Licences are what we choose them to be. Opinions about them are totally subjective.

Preinstalled Free Proprietary Software is not a bad thing from our point of view.

A lot of Preinstalled Free Apps is not a bad thing from our point of view.

iLinux didn't just took a step ahead. It took many steps ahead.

Apple didn't make iLinux. We did.

If you don't like the name iLinux, create a Linux distro with a better name! ;-)

iLinux will succeed in it's mission. It already does.

iLinux is not a bloated proprietary OS. It is a revolutionary OS.

If you'd rather use the Terminal rather than iLinux, we respect it.

We respect every User and his choices.

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